I've been working with Nick for 2 years now and I can confidently say I will never look to anyone else for training. My body is so much stronger now than it ever was and I know it will continue to improve as time goes on. I’ve always been one to hate exercising but Nick’s classes make it fun; we all feel like a team working towards the same goal which keeps me motivated. Every exercise we do serves a purpose and has meaning behind it which he thoroughly explains. I also feel I actually understand the movements and what body parts I am targeting. Not only is Nick awesome to work with inside the gym but he feels like a true friend and I know he genuinely cares about me and his other clients. He has supported me outside of training when I needed someone to listen and for that I am so thankful.

Melissa - Production Assistant

Nick is a delightful human being- personally and professionally. He brings a strong work ethic to whatever task he is undertaking. He is deeply committed to understanding the needs of his clients and to providing them with appropriate tools necessary for their success. He consistently monitors individual progress and adjust activities accordingly. He looks not just to short term but long term results as well. If you are looking for a person deeply interested in your success- Nick is the man you want to work with.

Nancy - Retired Educator 

Nick is the definition of a true coach. He takes a holistic approach and cares about your overall well-being beyond the walls of the gym. Even as an advanced lifter, he introduces me to new exercises and finds form tweaks to optimize my lifting sessions. I'm a better person thanks to him!

Danielle - Management Consultant   

Nick encompasses a remarkable combination of qualities. He's focused, attentive, positive, respectful, easy to talk to, and results driven. My sessions with Nick took place after work.  Most days, it was not easy to drive in the cold, dark weather to meet Nick, knowing the hour would make me feel more tired and weary when the session ended. But it was the welcome smile, the inquisitive Nick that always asked how I was, how was my family, and what I wanted to accomplish that day, that showed me how important the sessions were for me both physically and psychologically. Nick could turn around my worst day and transform me to feel a sense of accomplishment and strength. Nick has the ability to work well with people of all ages, personalities, sizes, and challenges. He is a great listener which shows when he designs his workouts specific to his clients' needs, strengths and weaknesses. All questions are answered and he regularly follows up with a check-in. Nick has taught me so much about personal fitness and how a proper workout should be conducted. He pushes his clients hard when he knows there is more to give. For that I am forever grateful and my life is forever changed for the better.

Ellen - Marketing Sr. Manager 

The time I spent training with Nick allowed me to shed fat, build muscle and get back to the body I want. But it was more than just that. He was always there to push me to the next level when I made excuses about why I couldn’t come in to workout, listening as a sympathetic ear if I needed someone to talk to, and the first person in the gym to get excited for me if I hit a goal. He’s not like a lot of other trainers out there, eager to keep you cycling along while draining your wallet, he cares about you, your goals, and is someone I consider not just a pivotal figure in my fitness journey, but a good friend as well. Sign up to train with him, you won’t regret it! 

Matt - Digital Copywriter

I have been Nick’s client for over 2 years. He is very personable and takes his role as your trainer seriously. He takes time to learn your strengths and weaknesses and explains proper form for each exercise. His workouts are different…not the typical workout…of course there is always a good explanation why he chose that exercise. I really notice myself stronger, more toned, and using correct form. I feel that Nick gets to know his clients and truly cares for their best interest and that is very rare.

Nathania - Editor and Mother of Two

I am the furthest thing from a gym rat and I've never been able to stick with a fitness program in all my (almost) 74 years. . .. But training with Nick has been a game changer for me. He is a very PERSONAL trainer -- that is, he genuinely cares about his clients and truly wants to help them get fit and live healthier lives. His knowledge and expertise, combined with his super sweet, sensitive, and supportive personality make him a very effective fitness professional. He is respectful of individual goals and of different paths to achieving those goals. He makes you challenge yourself, but also knows how much to push. His emphasis on good form, discipline, and consistency is key. He is encouraging and sympathetic but doesn't let you get sloppy or whine. Although Nick is focused and serious, he also has a  good sense of fun. I have osteopenia but my bone scans have improved significantly since I first started with Nick two years ago.  His classes have been totally worth the investment of time and money. I am definitely stronger, more fit, and more in touch with my strengths and weaknesses as a result of working with Nick. 

Barbara - Retired Educator 

Nick knows my body limits better than I do. When I finally hit a PR that I thought I’d never do in a million years, he celebrated with me as if it was an accomplishment for him too. We hugged each other and jumped up and down. It really is you vs you but you’ll have Nick to help you along the way to reach your goals.

Ed - Business Owner and Realtor  

Working with Nick has been an incredible experience that has left me feeling both dedicated and motivated. One of my favorite memories is in our sessions where he says he's going to leave me 'toasty,' which initially scared me. However, under Nick's guidance, I've not only overcome my fears but also achieved remarkable results. I've been lifting more weight than ever before and with much better form. Nick's expertise and support have truly transformed my fitness journey, and I couldn't be happier with the progress I've made.

George - Business Owner and Father of One 

As gyms began to reopen again after COVID, I found it difficult to get back into working out after months of being unable. I finally got back into the gym and noticed a lot of trainers with their clients as I was working out. Although I didn't know a single trainer in the gym, Nick stood out to me because I noticed connections with his clients and noticed how Nick detailed each session based on his clients' fitness level. I finally approached him to do a free session and I am very glad I did. Nick was approachable, positive, and I knew right away my best interests were in mind. His tremendous knowledge, personable personality, and overall demeanor sealed the deal. Training with Nick has been nothing short of an amazing experience. He has not only become my fitness coach, but also a friend. I have made gains working with Nick and can't wait to continue to make more! 

Will - Special Educator

Nick is kind yet at the same time very tough and cares about his clients. He motivates me to keep going to achieve my goals. I always ask him "how many more" and "is this the last one" and then I jokingly tell him he's torturing me! He made me realize that even when I think I don't have it in me to do anymore, I can if I push myself just a little harder, and that it's those last efforts that really count. 

Anita - Paralegal 

Nick "walks the walk" and "talks the talk" in physical training.  Nick helps his students using the same line of training he uses when he regularly works out.  NIck is passionate about sharing his knowledge and is always listening to his students' needs.  He knows muscle groups and can quickly put together programs with or without equipment.  My wife and I have been with Nick for over two years because he has helped us on our journey to becoming healthier.  As a result, we are getting more out of life with Nick's help.  

Rob - Retired Educator